11 septembre 2009

hop hop hop une mini membre du "groupe"

Here is little cute Camille Enjoying her guitar "crème anglaise". A big thanks to her mum that probably took a few pictures before having the perfect smile ;). Soon Camille will also be able to play on her playmat "crème anglaise" London Style of course! So i'm quickly going  back to work so she can play with it as soon as possible. Voici la petite Camille trop chou avec sa guitare "crème anglaise". Un grand merci a sa maman qui a sûrement du faire plusieurs photos avant d'avoir le... [Lire la suite]
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08 septembre 2009

Dreaming PARIS!!!!

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08 septembre 2009

Cushions TIME!!!

HEre are some more pictures of the latest cushions!!!
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01 septembre 2009

the latest "creme anglaise"

My mind is back full of new ideas, I just need the time to make them !!! I introduce to you a little bit of the new collection from "Crème anglaise" Don't forget to let me know what you think about it!! Enjoy Ouf fini la page blanche, les idées sont de retour, j'ai juste besoin de temps pour fabriquer tout ce qu'il y a dans ma tète! En attendant je vous présente un petit extrait de la nouvelle collection "crème anglaise". Surtout ne vous gêner pas pour faire des petits commentaires!
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31 août 2009

Creme anglaise " the Band"

This summer in France my nephew couldn't stop playing with the guitars wich I'm quite proud of it because they are made for children! Here they are lovely Anais, and Alban playing just like for real in "the Band". Thanks to charlotte for the pics. By the way if you too have lovely pictures of your baby with one of the creme anglaise creations I would love it to get some pictures to put on the blog! Come on mael your group is becomingbecoming bigger and bigger Oh yeahhhhh!!! Cet été en France mes petits... [Lire la suite]
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28 août 2009

Ready for delivery!!!

Two special boys will soon be able to play some music!!!! Yeah baby hand made and  "sur mesure" the last guitars are ready for delivery !! Hoping that they will like them! I also have to remind you that just like this mum did you can "contact me" perezemilie@hotmail.com to have the name of the baby or any other messages to be sew on the guitars! Enjoy
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18 août 2009

Creme anglaise on Holiday

Hello, That's it back to London , back to work!!!! we had some nice time in France and I am coming back with lovely things!!! I just need to get back to my sewing machine and you will soon see the best of Creme anglaise so keep looking. And here "en avant premiere"  the  last guitars in velvet and silvery linen. Enjoy
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14 juillet 2009

Des nouveautes a retrouver at BobO Kids London

II just thought that I should introduce to you one of the latest from Creme anglaise, which are already on sale at Bobo kids!!!! I love the new mobiles, and have a lot of fun making them. Juste un petit coup d'oeil aux dernières créations "Crème anglaise" que vous pouvez déjà retrouver chez Bobo kids à Londres!!!! J'adore les derniers mobiles, et je me suis beaucoup amusée à les fabriquer.
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09 juillet 2009

I love ... yeah baby!!!

OHHHHHH who do you love baby...? Maybe our little angels will tell us in their dreams...! special girls and boy with lot  of love of course! Hum HUm mais qui aimes-tu bébé...? Nos petits anges pourront enfin rêver d'amour avec les derniers mobiles " I love..." spécial filles ou garçons , fabriquer avec beaucoup d'amour of course!
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08 juillet 2009

Birthday BOY!!!

This is it!!! Mael is one year old and we've had a lot of fun yesterday for his birthday!!! He went to choose is birthday presents at Hamleys Picadilly, and I think that we both had fun there. First cake!!!
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